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Now - Aug 15th 

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Oncology Esthetics-USA Solutions for Spa Professionals

 Caring for high-risk clients requires the best oncology spa training, resources and programs availalble.  That's what we provide. 

Are you able to care for clients undergoing cancer treatments? 

Whether someone is living with a cancer diagnosis or experiencing the effects of treatment, there are days when nothing feels as good as a massage, a facial, or a manicure. There’s only one problem: 

Not every spa or salon has the expertise to care for this special group of clients. 


You may not know what will help, what might hurt, and what could be dangerous.

...but that's where we come in.

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Since 2013, Oncology Spa Solutions® has been helping salon and medical professionals just like you gain necessary skills, resources, and certifications to meet the unique needs of clients undergoing cancer treatment.

With a focus on safety, confidence, and compassion, we are equipping spa professionals with the education they need to engage in this sacred work. With over 7,000 graduates, we can help you too!


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 Life-Changing Esthetics® Oncology Esthetics-USA Essentials Course

From understanding of the way cancer (and related treatments) affects skin to best practices, products, and custom modifications, this course provides step-by-step instruction and expert insight. 


At the conclusion of this self-guided study, you will be prepared to sit for your certification exam and ready to serve your clients with confidence and compassion!

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Nail Tech
Essentials Course

Covering manicures, pedicures, and all of your nail-related questions and concerns, this course will equip you with the skills and empathy required to work with oncology clients. 


By the time you complete this self-guided study, you will have become a subject matter expert – ready to sit for your exam and take care of your clients in new and exciting ways!

What Clients Say

"I feel very grateful to have found this site, with the wealth of information on these matters. Most of all, I appreciate the compassion and love Becky has for what she does."
- Rosann R.

Whether you’re looking to offer new services, increase your client base, or create a referral program with physicians, hospitals, or cancer centers, Oncology Spa Solutions can help. 

Thousands of graduates have already expanded their businesses, gained practical experience, and become oncology-Trained – and now you can too! Enroll today.

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