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Oncology Spa Solutions® was founded by Becky Kuehn who is:

  • Licensed Master Esthetician and Cosmetologist (since 1982)

  • Certified Hope Coach

  • Certified Holistic Cancer Educator

  • NCEA Certified

  • Author of Life Changing Esthetics®

  • Creator of the Oncology Esthetics-USA training program


Becky started her journey in 1978 when she was diagnosed with a rare form of uterine cancer. She will never forget the day she received the call from her Doctor with the news. The sense of fear was overwhelming, as she wondered the purpose, the life lesson and would she live to have the children she always wanted?

A cancer diagnosis changes a person forever – forming her into the person she is today. She watched the impact it had on her husband and family as they traveled the journey with her. She found solace in God and her favorite scripture, Philippians 4:13 to get her through this part of life’s journey.

In each of the Life Changing Esthetics® training classes, you will learn from the life lessons she learned, the success in the two hospital programs she created (which have now turned into 22 locations in the US that have Oncology-Trained Estheticians, Cosmetologist’s or Massage Therapist’s.)


Our Goal

  • To prepare all spa professionals to safely and compassionately care for clients with individualized care to meet their specific needs.

  • To offer the highest level, best education available so there is never a cancer patient that cannot get help when it’s needed the most. We want to (with love and understanding) change the way we look at, and care for our clients living with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.


Oncology Spa Solutions® goal and passion for sharing this training was motivated further when I met a client in 2011 that had Stage 4 Renal (Kidney) Cancer. He shared with me that his only JOY in life now was his weekly spa treatment. You see, he was at the end of his life.

He knew that there were no more options for treatment as they had already tried everything without success. When his Spa therapist found out he had cancer (oh yes, they will come to you and NOT share this important detail), the therapist (who was not trained) did not feel confident in treating him any longer and “fired him”, telling him he could no longer come in. As he shared this with me, tears rolled down his face. I will never forget that moment….


This was heartbreaking to me, because it never should have happened. A therapist with proper training could have confidently cared for this man and given him joy for the rest of his life.


I hope you decide to invest in yourself and gain new, life-changing, skills.




Who are we and what are we passionate about?


This inspirational Oncology Esthetics-USA Spa training started in the US in 2013 and has changed the lives of over 3500 students and many more clients.  The success of this training confirmed to us that we as human beings have a desire to CARE for others and just need the right education to feel CONFIDENT in serving and caring for those that need us the MOST.

Many of our grads are now working within hospitals, cancer centers, volunteering with the American Cancer Society, receiving doctor referrals, have created successful Non-Profits and some that are simply and wonderfully “blooming where they grow”; caring for clients with cancer within their current businesses.

If you are looking for a Spa training that will give you the specific information needed so that you too can offer safe, custom Spa or Salon services for health compromised clients that will also be a life changer, then this is the training for you!

You will learn that being mindful and present in the moment with your clients will not only change their life but yours as well.




Faith – Hope – Love…. the greatest is Love!

We live in such a chaotic world where we are all so busy, work too much and very often we can barely keep track of our own needs much less anyone else’s.  I began to feel that if we could all add a little LOVE back into our world we could make a change in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Feeling like a “little pebble” in a “big pond” I wondered what adding some LOVE into everything that I did would do.  It started with little things like smiling at everyone, opening doors for others, talking to strangers and waving to people on the street.  Then I adopted a new motto and added it to the end of my email signature:

“Change your world; Change the world.”

It was interesting to see how others responded; some thought that it was nice, some asked how to institute change, and some sat back and just observed.

As the year progressed I started to notice the people and the world around me was being impacted.  In an industry where “vanity rules” and perfection is the goal and only what is on the outside matters (or at least that is how it is sometimes perceived), I started to see the changes.  Small at first, but now a year later the impact of the “pebble in the water” is visible.  People all over seem to have caught the “caring” mode or re-found it.  I hear students tell me they have a new excitement about their “old” career.  I know that it is the reason Spa and medical professionals choose their careers in the first place; they care about helping people.    Somehow we got lost, but we are finding the way back to our place in the world.


Oncology Spa Solutions® is passionate about:

  • LOVE – love yourself, love others and love what you do

  • HUGS – everyone needs hugs

  • Integrity – show up and always do what’s right

  • Improving quality of life for others

  • Every client deserves our utmost attention and care

  • Being clearly and intentionally in the moment and present with every client

  • Listening more than talking

  • Never stop learning and share with others

  • Helping others see beauty and joy in simple things

  • Make life more wonderful for those who are suffering

  • Caregiving as an expression of passionate human service

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