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Life-Changing Esthetics®

This essential course will prepare you to safely and confidently work with oncology clients in your treatment room or at a cancer center!

$797 (REG $997)

Online Special Pricing

Loved, loved, loved the Life-Changing Esthetic course. I have been in aesthetics over 20 years and hands down best course ever. Presentation of printed material was amazing and online course was excellent.

~Sandy A.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the basics of cancer as it relates to skincare

  • Employ safe techniques to reduce skin-related side effects 

  • Determine proper products and ingredients to use on compromised skin

  • Describe custom modifications for individual care for each client

  • Select and customize safe treatments for those that have undergone cancer treatments

  • Utilize course material to increase your client base

  • Create positive visibility within your community

  • Create a referral system with Doctors, Hospitals, and Cancer Centers



Course Includes

  • 12 module Independent learning Online course

  • 159-page color manual/workbook (value $127)

  • Oncology Trained Tote with pen & highlighter (value $35)

  • Product samples of approved lines (value $60)

  • 3-pc full-size skincare kit (value $78)

  • LightStim hand-held LED (value $150) 

  • Copies of all client forms 

  • 30-minute coaching call to go over case studies and any questions when finished with course Author (Becky) (value $80)

  • Attend the hands-on day at no additional cost within 1 yr (value $300) 

  • Exam

  • Certificate good for 2 years

“Becky’s class was amazing! I learned so much about not only how to physically help a client with their skin needs during oncology treatments but how to be a support person emotionally and spiritually. Very touching class.” 

Upcoming Basic Essential
DUe to covid, basic essentials course
is offered online only!
*live courses will resume 2022

$797 (REG $997)

Online Special Pricing

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