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Welcome to Becky's favorite things

When I first started working with patients at the cancer center, I would constantly get asked "what product(s) do you suggest"? So, in 2009 I started researching. First, it was just skincare, but I soon realized they also wanted recommendations for the body, nails, hair, and other items.   We decided to put it on the website, so you can easily find products that would be safe and effective for your clients from cancer treatments and well into health.  

Below are a few links to other sites and also a video on skincare sharing what I love, use, and recommend. 


Check back often as new items will be added. 

Sylling's Elderberry Syrup

Sylling's Elderberry Syrup, is a FAMILY recipe, made with all ORGANIC ingredients. They take simple ingredients, brew it with love and provide your family with a high-quality, FRESH elderberry syrup. Make Sylling's Elderberry Syrup a household name that is known for keeping your family healthy and thriving. 

Why Elderberries?

Boniface Aerosol Barrier (bab)

Designed by an Aesthetician for Aestheticians.   Protecting ourselves and our customers against airborne contaminants has become our most urgent priority. This is one of Becky's favorites.  She uses this with every service and just loves it.  It is so easy to work with it and it is comfortable for both you and the client.



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Becky's favorite tea and Immune support for Radiant Health! 

The most powerful super-plants meet cutting edge extraction methods.  

Use this button below to check out my favorite tea and receive 5% off your purchase - enjoy!

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