Hands on 1 Day Course

For those of you that have taken the online course and want the hands-on experience, remember included in your online tuition is the ability to attend the third day of any Basic Essentials class live location.     

To register, you will need a PROMO code that you received from Becky in your follow-up call after you completed the course. (If you don't have it, contact her Becky@oncologyspasolutions.com)

Once you have registered here is what to expect: 


* Dress as you would normally when seeing clients

* Bring your training manual, all forms, products, and something to write with

* Class starts promptly at 9 am and goes until 6 pm on the last day of any scheduled Live location class. 

* You will have hands-on with each other and clients 

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Upcoming Hands on

1-Day course Dates and locations

These Courses are FREE with your Promo Code from your Online Course