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1-day Hands-on Clinic

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Our Oncology 1-Day, Hands-On Clinics are the live portion of the Life-Changing Oncology Esthetics® or Nail Care Training that will help you take everything you learned online and put it into practice. 
You must have completed the Online Course, Exam and Zoom (Case Study) Call before you attend a clinic. 
This clinic is included at no additional cost for those who purchased Life-Changing Esthetics or Nail Care Option #1.  If you purchased Option #2 or #3, you can purchase the 8-hour clinic for $200.   


"I knew I had a passion for Oncology but was never given the chance to be hands on until yesterday. I had lost some hope in finding my place in this crazy, forever evolving world of esthetics, but now I found what I truly am most passionate about." Ashlie M.

This is the live portion of the Oncology Training that covers the following: 

  • The importance of consultation forms/SOAP notes and asking the right question
  • Review the course and go over all of your questions

  • Discuss case studies and different scenarios

  • Practical (hands-on) with each other to learn the products and protocols

  • Spa event in the afternoon with actual cancer patient/survivors

Oncology Esthetics Hands-On Clinics: 


Jan 14th - Columbus, OH

Feb 20th - Aurora, IL

Feb 21st - Bridgetown, Barbados

March 27th - Largo, FL

March 30th - Vienna, VA

April 29th - Irvine, CA

May 15th - Peoria, AZ

June 19th - Aurora, IL

June 29th - Vienna, VA

Aug 12th - Irvine, CA

Sept 28th - Vienna, VA

Oct 16th - Peoria, AZ

Nov 13th - Largo, FL

*More dates/locations are coming, check back soon.

Oncology Nail Care 1-Day Clinics


March 13th - Largo, FL (Centre for Beauty)

May 13th - Chandler, AZ (Dazzle Dry)

June 19th - Largo, FL (Centre for Beauty)

Sept 18th - Largo, FL (Centre for Beauty)

Oct 14th - Chandler, AZ (Dazzle Dry)