Laurie's Story

It’s really all about the love.

When Laurie’s family asked her why she wanted to become Oncology Trained, she thought the answer was so obvious.

Like so many of us, Laurie has lost several family members and friends to cancer, including her grandfather, father, aunt, several uncles, neighbors, co-worker and most recently, her beloved Uncle Rob.  Laurie’s estranged father was a pharmacist, and wasn’t particularly open to the ways of the wild plants. Needless to say, he didn’t really have much time or care for Reiki either.

A few days before he passed of stage 4 lung cancer, she went to see him, and to heal bridges. He was clearly suffering. Laurie offered to give him Reiki and Reflexology, and he begrudgingly obliged me. When he woke up, he was astounded and in disbelief of the energy he experienced. It was really all about the love.

As an award-winning herbalist, certified Acne Specialist, licensed esthetician and bonafide knowledge junkie, skin wellness is her passion, and becoming Oncology Trained was a natural progression. Working with Becky and Oncology Spa Solutions has been a heart opening experience for her, one that she is honored to share with her fellow educators, students and clients. Laurie’s hope is to share her passion for skin, wellness and Oncology Spa Solutions with you in a future class. Together we will make this world a more wonderful place.

Because it really is all about the love.

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