What is a Mission Partner?

Mission Partners are very special industry leaders that understand and agree with the mission and vision of Oncology Spa Solutions® that offer product and/or information and support for those experiencing cancer. They each play an important role in the education and success of this training.

What is their role?

Each Mission Partner has approved products within their lines that are free from harmful chemicals, toxins and fragrance. They understand that the client going through cancer and cancer treatments will need to use different products to support their special skin changes, new needs and compromised immune systems. They also supply the students with product information and samples to help them make safe choices.

** DISCLAIMER: Please note that not all of the products in each of the companies listed below are approved for working with oncology clients. Only a select few that meet the requirements of being helpful and not harmful and that contain safe ingredients.

For a full list, email Becky@oncologyspasolutions.com .

Meet Our Mission Partners

  • Suntegrity

    Focus Product: Impeccable Skin


    OSS Recommended Products:  Primer, Tinted SPF, Impeccable Skin Make-up, Lip CPR, Vanish, Rebound, Staycation

  • Dermaviduals®

    Focus Product: Body Cream & Hand Cream

    Dermaviduals Cream Container.jpg

    OSS Recommended Products: Cleansing Milk w/DMS, Lotion M, Vitamin Cream Mask, Base Cream High Classic Plus, (appropriate) liposomes, and nano serums. 

  • LightStim (LED)

    Focus Product: LightStim Pain band


    OSS Recommended Products: Wrinkle LED, Pain LED, Pain Belts, LED Bed

  • Color Up

    Focus Product: Bright Eye Cream

    Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 3.46.00 PM.png

    OSS Recommended Products: Bright Eye Cream

  • bodyceuticals

    Focus Product: Calendula Oil

    2020 calendula oil 3.5 oz_print.jpg

    OSS Recommended Products: Calendula Oils, Calendula Bioactive Salve, Calendula Salve & Honey, Lips balms

  • Elizabeth Essentials

    Focus Product: Serene Collection


    OSS Recommended Products: Serene, ImmuAir, Rapid Relief, Surrender, Mouthwash Essentials, ImmuShield  

  • Couleur Caramel

    Focus Product: Make up


    OSS Recommended Products: Mineral Powder, Blush, Eyeshadow, Lipstick, brow pencils, eye pencils. 

  • Bel Mondo Beauty

    Focus Product: Oncology Spa  Moisture Renewal sheet mask

    Spa Image with Single Moisture Renewal M

    OSS Recommended Products: Oncology Spa  Moisture Renewal sheet mask

  • DWALogo2013.jpg

    Diamond Way Ayurveda

    Focus Product: Kansa Wand tools & training


    OSS Recommended Products: Kansa Wand tools & training

  • 7.png

    Le Mieux

    Focus Product: Hyaluronic Shea Mask


    OSS Recommended Products: Hyaluronic Shea Mask, O2 Calming Gel, Eye and Lip Cream, Iso-Cell Recovery Solution, Hyaluronic Serum, Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream, Essence Moisturizer

  • Dazzle Dry

    Focus Product: Nail Products

    Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 10.59.09 AM.pn

    OSS Recommended Products: Mani-Pedi Nail Spa Soak, Nail & Cuticle Oil, Nail Lacquers

  • La Bella Donna

    Focus Product: LBD Woman Powder SPF


    OSS Recommended Products: LBD Woman Powder SPF

  • O Skin Love

    Focus Product: Comfort Care Collection

    CCC in Box.jpg

    OSS Recommended Products: Comfort Care Collection

  • AnteAGE

    Focus Product: Stem Cell Serum & Accelerator


    OSS Recommended Products: Stem Cell Serum & Accelerator

  • Hyalogic

    Focus Product: HA Products

    Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 9.42.45 AM.png

    OSS Recommended Products: HA Lip Balm, Hylamist (for dry nose), Hyla Tears (for dry eyes), Dr. Johns Toothepaste Gel, Hyla Mints (for dry mouth) 

  • Angel Feather Inc.

    Focus Product: Cleansing pads and Moon wrap towel


    OSS Recommended Products: All depending on what you need.

  • Centre for Beauty

    Focus Product: Nitrile gloves, Dermaviduals Pedicure kit


    OSS Recommended Products: Nitrile gloves, Angel Feet Nail files, autoclaves, sanitizing products.  

  • Universal Companies

    Focus Product: Spa Supplies, PPE, cleaning, and sanitizing products

    Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 10.40.18 AM.pn

    OSS Recommended Products: Spa Supplies, PPE, cleaning, and sanitizing products  Also see their EDUCATION services

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