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Nail Tech Essentials 
Oncology Care in The Pedicure room

This Nail Essential Course will prepare you to safely work with oncology clients in the pedicure room. 

Cost:  $997

You Will Learn

  • The basics of cancer as it relates to manicure & pedicure services

  • How to safely reduce the nail and skin-related side-effects

  • How cancer affects our clients' mind and emotions

  • How to determine proper products and ingredients; the safe, the not so safe and the outright toxic

  • Hands-on training with clients that have gone through cancer and learn how to help, customize and offer safe services

  • Learn how to utilize the information to increase your client base and positive visibility within your community.

  • How to work with Cancer Centers, Hospitals, and gain Referrals from Dr’s.



Course Includes

  • Training manual/workbook ($127 value)

  • All forms, diagrams, and medication charts are supplied. (Digital copies available for future use as well).  

  • Equipment that can be used on oncology clients ($345 value)

  • Product samples and disposable nail kit supplies($60 value)

  • Oncology Pedicure product kit ($36 value) 

  • Oncology-Trained Canvas Tote bag ($35 value)

  • Exam

  • Certificate of Completion

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