Oncology Spa Solutions® is passionate about:

  • LOVE – love yourself, love others and love what you do

  • HUGS – everyone needs hugs

  • INTEGRITY – show up and always do what’s right

  • QUALITY of Life for everyone

  • PRESENCE with every client

  • LISTENING more than talking

  • LEARNING and SHARING with others

  • HELPING others see beauty and joy

  • CAREGIVING as an expression of passionate human service


Oncology Esthetics-USA Spa training started in the US in 2013 and has changed the lives of over 5000 students.  The success of this training confirmed to us that we as human beings have a desire to CARE for others and just need the right education to feel CONFIDENT in serving and caring for those that need us the MOST.


At Oncology Spa Solutions, it is our goal to:

...offer the best oncology training in the industry so that, most importantly, spa professionals are trained/prepared to safely and confidently offer services and care -  ensuring no one going through cancer treatments gets turned away when they need us most.  

Many graduates of Oncology Spa Solutions now work with hospitals, cancer centers, American Cancer Society, doctor networks, and Non-Profits. Others simply and wonderfully “bloom where they grow” - caring for clients with cancer within their current businesses.


Becky's story

 A Pebble in the Water

Inspiration by Becky Kuehn

We live in such a chaotic world where we are all so busy, work too much and can barely keep track of our own needs (much less anyone else’s).  I began to feel that, if we could all add a little LOVE back into our world, we could make a change in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Feeling like a “little pebble” in a “big pond,” I wondered what adding some LOVE into everything I did would do for others.  It started with little things like smiling at everyone, opening doors for others, talking to strangers and waving to people on the street.  Then I adopted a new motto and added it to the end of my email signature:

“Change your world; Change the world.”

It was interesting to see how others responded; some thought that it was nice, some asked how to institute change, and some sat back and just observed.

As the year progressed, I started to notice the people and the world around me was being impacted. In an industry where “vanity rules” and perfection is the goal - and only what is on the outside matters (or at least that is how it is sometimes perceived) - I started to see changes.  Small at first; but, now a year later, the impact of the “pebble in the water” is visible.  


People in our Oncology Spa Solutions community have caught the “caring” mode.  I hear students tell me they have a new excitement about their “old” career.  I know that it is the reason spa and medical professionals choose their careers in the first place - they care about helping people.   Somehow we got lost, but we are finding the way back to our place in the world, one pebble at a time.


I wanted to say thank you for all that you do and offer. My dad was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Redoing the certification was especially rough this go around for that reason but it also helped me a lot and helped me see view his perspective.  From the bottom of my heart - thank you! ~ Alia O