Emily Chavez's Grad Success Story

Thank you, Becky, for asking me to share my journey since being certified. Well, I hope you don’t mind, it’s quite lengthy. But, this is my journey since training in 2016.

It’s amazing how when I opened my mind to new esthetic options amazing things began to happen. I set out to share my new certification and found so much joy. I started with a networking group. Then put together a few mini-resumes, intro letters and packets to share with three cancer centers in my area. I was determined to spread the word in my community. There were no active Oncology-Trained Estheticians to my knowledge. And, after submitting my information, following up, and following up again, being transferred from person to person, Head Nurse to new wings opening, I learned they had never heard of Oncology Esthetics. I quickly began to share my new knowledge, enthusiasm, desire to help and to be of service. Everyone was interested, listening, intrigued and amazed that I would want to or could help. Some were baffled.

Shortly after that, I was receiving referrals, meeting with people at City of Hope, Shelia Veloz Breast Center, Henry Mayo’s Rehabilitation Center and now discussing options with a brand-new wing called Hopes Haven. They are very eager to have me on their team as their Oncology-Trained Esthetician. These contacts have become more than just a person to help me facilitate my joy. We have connected on Facebook and Instagram. They not only refer cancer patients to me, but they also refer friends, family and they too are now my clients.

During all this, I also discovered Ruby Ribbon Shapewear which has been a miracle and truly appreciated by cancer patients.

I have joined two wonderful networking groups in my area to share my joy of Oncology Esthetics and Ruby Ribbon. My clientele has grown 56 (cancer and non-cancer), new recurring clients since being in both groups as of July 2017.

I digress, I believe all things happen for a reason, my previous Spa where I rented a room from on Main Street in Old Town Newhall, gave me a day’s notice, (October 2016), on the first day of my sons Fall Break that they were closing, “tomorrow”! I had the option to take over the lease but opted out as it was a historical building and required a lot of red tape. I quickly phoned a college of a Med Spa and said “HELP! I need a home, I am booked solid all week and have a Cancer Event I am working next Sunday. I need a home until I find a permanent spot.”

They gladly obliged by saying “Don’t worry, get yourself together, do what you need to do. We have a home for you. Don’t worry about rent, etc. just get here when you can, the room is yours.” Funny thing is they said, “stay as long as you like or need”, (certainly not the norm), “we’re happy to have you as a permanent tenant, but you need to figure out what’s best for you and your clients.” I was baffled but said okay. I am truly thankful for the opportunity that Beyond Harmony Med Spa (Rosemary), gave me.

I moved in October, settled in by November 3rd, 2016 crammed my skin equipment and makeup station in a decent size room, but it was tight. By January 2017 I took a big breath and realized it was time to find a bigger place. I feared letting them down, everything was so nice, but it was time to spread my wings. I found a gorgeous spot, at the Sola Salon Studios and would you believe it, right on Town Center Dr. directly across the parking lot from the brand-new Henry Mayo Rehab Center. What are the odds? I moved in February 2017. Since then, City of Hope, Shelia Veloz, networking groups, friends, etc. have been referring their friends, family, etc. “Go see Emily’s Skin Care for oncology esthetics. She can help, safe ingredients, proper treatments, etc.” I became joyfully so much busier.

In the midst of all this, Footprints In Pink, a non-profit for Breast Cancer patients that I had been following, found out about me. The founder called me and said “Emily, I’ve been spying on you. I have this non-profit for those fighting the fight of their lives. I think you would be a great asset to our Board. I would love to have you as a CHAIR HOLDER on our Board. (I BOLDed because I had no idea, what does a chair holder do I thought???) I didn’t question it. My motto is always; stay focused, always keep moving forward, always stay open to new possibilities. So, I answered: “Wow! What an honor, thank you. I would love to know more. I want to make sure I can fulfill my duties.”

It’s been almost one year now that I have held my chair and I don’t plan to give it up! I have engaged in several cancer events, meetings, etc. I love it all. My business is thriving, receiving notoriety in local publications, organizations and by word of mouth.

I am writing this email now, today February 16th, 2018 after completing the finishing touches of just having settled into yet another bigger Studio in Sola Salon Studios. You see, I needed a bigger space with all my new clientele and ongoing weekly referrals I have been able to purchase an LED Panel, other equipment, and business tools. My new studio, I believe, is the new Oasis for my clients and I. It has an amazing window that overlooks Town Center Dr. and a beautiful fountain. My clients love the natural light, trees, fountain and their little slice of tranquility as a guest of Emily’s Skin Care.

I am forever grateful for Becky’s mission and all the wonderful support she has with Oncology Spa Solutions®. The possibilities are endless. The joy I receive from doing what I do is beyond rewarding and fulfilling. It’s a gift to have this life experience.


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