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Dreams, do you have one? If not, I dare you……

My mission: Dream Weaver/Dream Coach!

So, let’s talk about dreams… Are they important? Do they “count”? Do we need them?

Hmmm, if you look at the internet you will see all kinds of quotes and articles saying that dreams are “not enough”. But, I believe they are a necessity; it’s how we start the process of making things happen in our life. And, without them, we are merely existing, living day to day and not living up to the potential that we were made for. (You know me… always challenging you to find what you were made for…J)

The other day I was thinking about how my dream started and how my mission has grown and evolved over the years and I wanted to share it with you.

My dream started with the belief that no cancer patient should be turned away from a spa, or be treated different, poorly or unsafely. And that dream become the force that drove me to where I am today.

In the beginning, it was just me as a cancer survivor, with big plans; wanting to give back. I believed that the talents and skills we have as Estheticians are life changing for someone going through cancer treatments.

So, in 2009 as a “solopreneur”, I reached out to the Look Good Feel Better program and began my journey of working with oncology clients. I loved helping the wonderful ladies as they went through their cancer treatments and encountered skin issues. But, I wanted more, I wanted to be able to invite them back again and to be able to help men, teens and children (all of which were not included in the ACS program at the time). So, my dream forged a vision for a program that I “pitched” to the local hospital. They liked it and that gave me the first treatment room in WA for helping cancer patients with their skin issues. That program has now grown (and changed) from one treatment room in one hospital to two locations with two estheticians and two cosmetologists (offering wig services).

Then, as dreams often do, they get bigger. In 2011 my focus moved to sharing and teaching you so that together we could extend that circle of care to those in need all across the USA. And, in 2013 I started my own education business and Oncology Spa Solutions® was “born”.

Today, my mission is to coach and mentor the many (over 3500) grads from the Essentials class to help you find and accomplish your dreams. I have coached quite a few grads now with great success in getting them into the place of their dreams. Just last week a grad that I had been working with for a while completed a presentation to a Reconstructive Surgeon that at the end of the meeting said “YES!” And he also said, “wow, you really prepared for this meeting, I was not expecting that”. (You see, it does matter how we show up). She was so excited for her new future and as we were talking she shared something that her boyfriend reminded her that she had said many years ago: “I don’t know how, and I don’t know when, but my dream is to be working in a Doctor’s office and I will be there someday”. She realized in that moment that her dream had come true.

So, if you have a dream, don’t let anyone talk you out of it. No matter how big or small it is, I dare you to write it down, speak it out and start moving in that direction. And don’t forget, I am here to help if you need me.

Something else that I have been working passionately on is to “pave the way” for you by softening and educating the “ears’ of the medical world to understand who we are and how we can help their patients.

So, here are a few things that are in the works and happening for Oncology-Trained Estheticians:

- In 2017, we have already added 6 new locations in the US (Dr.’s office, Cancer Centers, hospitals, Non-Profits) where we are now offering Oncology-Trained Esthetic services. The One-on-One coaching program and the Advanced classes are working! So, if this is a dream of yours, send me an email.

- I was asked to teach a CE class to Dr.’s and RN’s in Washington, with the topic of “Oncology-Trained Estheticians; how we can help you help your patients”. It was a “test” to see if they liked it and if the response was good they would move forward with more classes. I taught the first one and it went fabulously! They were all so interested, they paid attention, they asked great questions and were very excited to know that we “existed”. They love that we can safely help their patients with the cutaneous skin side effects of cancer treatment without incidence. They have booked me for more and I’m excited to see where this goes! So, stay tuned…..

- I’ve been given the huge honor and the opportunity to contribute to 4 chapters in the 2018 Milady Fundamental and Advanced textbook revisions. This is not only a landmark event for us as Oncology-Trained Estheticians (as it will give us recognition for what we do and how we can help) but MOST importantly is that starting in 2018 all Estheticians will learn that it is NOT a contraindication to work on your client when they have cancer if they have additional training. That means that no cancer patient will be harmed or turned away from a spa – whoo hoo! My dream is coming to fruition too!

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