Interview with The International Beauty Institute

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

We were so honored to participate in this interview. How to Service Cancer Patients in the Beauty Industry Highlights from this video: ☑ How do you know what products to recommend to your clients with cancer? ☑ Avoid polypropylene glycol ☑ Avoid any modalities that breaks the skin, or can cause irritation ☑ The purpose of your service is to hydrate, and soothe ☑ Save treatments like dermaplaning, acrylic nails, microneedling and microblading until 6 months after recovery ☑️Even 2 clients with the same cancer and same medications can have completely different side effects in their skin ☑ When your client tells you they have cancer, don't say "I'm so sorry" ☑ Let your clients know that during the service, this is their time - they can choose to nap, or to talk if they wish. Many cancer patients have many choices made for them - offering them choices gives them a sense of autonomy back that they might be missing

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