This is a pre-made brochure that you can customize for your needs without having to “re-invent the wheel”. We have already done all the work, choosing the right words and pictures.  They are a beautiful, proven marketing piece that you can hand out to Doctor’s, cancer centers or hospitals.  They explain what we do and how we are specifically trained and able to help their patient’s skin conditions during cancer treatments.

You can work with our designer to change out the following (only):


  • LOGO
  • Contact information
  • Color theme

Customizable Brochure

  • **This fee covers the above three (3) changes only.  Any additional changes or additions, shipping, and printing, etc will be a separate cost to you with the designer.**These are only available for grads of the Oncology Spa Solutions® Essentials or Advanced classes

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Phone: (253) 405-5810