Sylling's Elderberry Syrup, is a FAMILY recipe, made with all ORGANIC ingredients. They take simple ingredients, brew it with love and provide your family with a high-quality, FRESH elderberry syrup. Make Sylling's Elderberry Syrup a household name that is known for keeping your family healthy and thriving. 


Why Elderberries?  

Elderberries have an ancient history of supporting the immune system and maintaining whole body health. Paired with rich spices, elderberry syrup is a power packed addition to your daily routine. 


Sylling's Elderberry is made up of only 6 ingredients, all organic and always fair-trade

Syling's Elderberry Syrup

  • Ingredients: organic elderberries, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic cloves, organic raw honey, organic lemon juice

    Comes in a reusable & recyclable 32 oz glass bottle

    Daily Serving Recommendation:

    Adults: 1 Tbsp daily

    Children over 1: 1 tsp daily

    As Needed: increase to 2-3 servings daily


    • Immune Support

    • Anti-viral properties

    • Anti-cancer properties

    • Antioxidant rich

    • Anti-inflammatory properties

    • Reduces nasal congestion

    • Detoxifying properties


    • Anti-viral properties

    • Anti-fungal properties

    • Powerful antioxidants

    • Helps ward off allergies

    • Helps stabilize blood pressure

    • Helps balance blood sugar


    • Ranks #1 out of 26 of the most popular herbs and spices in the world for protective antioxidants

    • Can Lower fasting blood glucose

    • Can improve arthritis symptoms

    • Antibacterial properties

    • Antifungal properties


    • Aids in digestion

    • Boosts immune system

    • Protects liver against infections

    • Effective against bacterial infection

    • Rich in Anti-Cancer properties

    • Helps control blood sugar

    • Beneficial in preserving bone density


    • Improves digestion

    • Improves blood flow

    • Boosts immunity