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Mission Partners

Mission Partners

What is a Mission Partner?

Mission Partners are very special industry leaders that understand and agree with the mission and vision of Oncology Spa Solutions® that offer product and/or information and support for those experiencing cancer. They each play an important role in the education and success of this training.

What is their role?

Each Mission Partner has approved products within their lines that are free from harmful chemicals, toxins and fragrance. They understand that the client going through cancer and cancer treatments will need to use different products to support their special skin changes, new needs and compromised immune systems. They also supply the students with product information and samples to help them make safe choices.

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** DISCLAIMER: Please note that not all of the products in each of the companies listed below are approved for working with oncology clients. Only a select few that meet the requirements of being helpful and not harmful and that contain safe ingredients. For a full list, send an email to .

Meet Our Mission Partners

Special Collaborations

Special Colaborations
Nancy Novack With Nancy's list: My guiding force, my profound wish, my passion … all the time … is No one will ever go through cancer alone.

I was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer on April 29, 2004. It had metastasized into my liver. In ‘cancer talk’, everything is compared to a fruit. My ovary was the size of a grapefruit. My liver was two times its appropriate size, more like a small watermelon. I was too happily innocent about the cancer world and I said two now-remarkable things: “Thank goodness, it is not appendicitis,” and “What is stage V?”

My treatment at Stanford was long and aggressive and I am here to tell the tale. Ovarian cancer is oftentimes fatal because its symptoms are consistent with just being a woman .,, cramping and bloating, Diagnoses usually happen when the woman is late stage. Many women are resistant to the chemotherapy that is the protocol. I am very blessed and I am very grateful.

I started Nancy’s List and Nancy’s Club to help my community cope with the epidemic of cancer. Nancy’s Club is for the children who are living with cancer … be it their own diagnosis or that of someone they love. Every weekend, we went on adventures … sailing, beach parties, museums, football and baseball games, theatre, anything and everything that would give them the chance to just have fun and be kids … and forget for a day that they even had cancer. It worked.

For me, cancer changed everything. It generated my growth. It taught me the essence of gratitude. I adore the generosity of strangers. It defined my calling and refined my purpose as a psychologist. It gave me the opportunity to offer hope to those who have lost theirs. I found my courage and resilience. I made a vow to make a difference for people living with cancer, for those who love and care for them, and, particularly, for the children who have a cancer diagnosis or love someone who has. My simple and profound wish is that no one will ever go through cancer alone.

Consider adding your services to my national listing of providers who complement traditional cancer treatments. The list is posted on my website The process is very simple. Write a blurb about your work, add a jpg and all your contact info and email me at .
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Jeanna Doyle & Suite Hope: Licensed Cosmetologist, Oncology Trained Esthetician and Medical Makeup Specialist.

For over 25 years, Doyle has led an impressive dual career across the medical, fashion and advertising fields. Her experience in the medical setting ranges from corrective makeup to advanced skincare. In fashion and advertising, Doyle is an established hair and makeup artist. As a speaker and educator, her unique skill set has something to offer a wide range of audiences and students.

Doyle provides unique corrective makeup and skincare services, working directly with plastic and reconstructive surgeons, dermatologists and oncologists in medical offices, hospitals and cancer centers.

Doyle has spent years developing advanced corrective makeup techniques. She helps balance the appearance of those undergoing changes due to illness, injury, trauma or elective procedures. Recently, Doyle launched The HOPE Method (Helping Oncology Patients Esthetically), an internationally recognized corrective makeup-training curriculum.

Doyle is a regular contributor to the medical and beauty industry giants and is also the founder of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Suite HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Esthetically) that provides information and inspiration, assisting cancer patients with the esthetic concerns that arise as a result of treatment.

Suite Hope: Supports Oncology Spa Solutions® grads by offering a make-up training for the special needs of oncology clients .

Get $20 off ASCP membership and enjoy discounts, forms and education Members receive 10% off our Life Changing Esthetics courses.


We are an approved provider with the COA (Commission on Accreditation). If you are NCEA Certified you will get 10% off the training cost and receive 10 CEs for taking the training. If you are not NCEA certified yet, but are interested as a student you will receive the NCEA record verification at no cost. ($175 value)

Supports Oncology Spa Solutions® grads with a US database and a unique opportunity for marketing your services.

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