Our Goal

  • To prepare spa professionals to safely and compassionately care for clients with cancer.

  • Offer the best comprehensive oncology education that will not only make you approach your profession in a different way, but will also increase your Esthetic knowledge and translate into additional clients with 100% re-booking!

  • To have an oncology-trained professional at every hospital and cancer center in the US. No one gets turned away or treated in an unsafe manner.



Oncology Spa Solutions® goal and passion for sharing this training really started decades ago, was reinforced by my client (in the My Story video) and then, came into full, clear view when I met this client in 2011. He was one of the guests that came to share in class. He had Stage 4 Renal (Kidney) Cancer and was at the end of his life with no more treatments as nothing they tired previously had worked. He told us that his only JOY in life now was his weekly spa treatment. 

When his Spa therapist found out he had cancer (oh yes, they will come to you and NOT share this important detail), the therapist (who was not trained) didn’t feel confident in treating him any longer and “fired him” by telling him that he could no longer come in. Wow… can you believe that? As he shared this, tears rolled down his face. I never forgot that moment….

This was heartbreaking because it never should have happened! A therapist with proper training could have confidently cared for this man and given him joy and comfort for the rest of his life.
We hope you decide to invest in yourself with this unique, and life-changing, training so that you can help clients like this when they will need you the MOST.

Here is our course schedule and locations for the next 3 months.  

Click the calendar to view our most recent upcoming courses and locations

Select a course category and the appropriate course

Remember that in order to register for a refresher course, or an advanced course, you must have previously completed one of our  Life Changing Esthetics® Essentials Basic courses

Course Categories:

Life Changing Esthetics® Essentials Basic Course

Select your location when registering

Our Essentials Basic Course is your first step to being Oncology Spa Solutions trained and certified. Register for a class near you, or or sign up for an online course (Scholarships Available)

Advanced Courses

Advanced classes are for those of you that have taken the Basic Essentials course and want MORE!  You know you were made to work with the oncology client or you just want to delve deeper into esthetic knowledge. (Scholarships Available)

Ready to get Trained?


Refresher Course

Select your location when registering

Remember that in order to register for a refresher course, you must have previously completed one of our  Life Changing Esthetics® Essentials Basic courses (Scholarships Available)


Course Add on's

Even after your initial training course we have opportunities for continued education. Take a look at our course add on's below 

Personalized Oncology Esthetic Coaching

Cancellation policy:  

On rare occasions, we must cancel a class due to weather, insufficient enrollment numbers or other unforeseen circumstances. So please check in with us prior to making any non-refundable travel costs or taking time off of work.

If we cancel, your tuition can either be refunded in full or transferred to another location.

If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the training date, the class fee is non-refundable. (It can, however, be transferred to another class location and used within 1 year).

If you cancel within 60 days of the scheduled training date, the class fee is refundable less $75 transaction fee or you can transfer in full to another training and used within 1 year.



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