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In March of 2020, we found ourselves "grounded" and that was difficult for me as a "hardcore", traveling educator who spent more time on the road than I did at home. So, now what??? 

As always, I get my inspiration from you, and this time is no exception.  One of my grads reached out and simply asked if we would do something to keep them entertained and "in the know" during the quarantine.   So, that's how the Webinar series and my crazy relationship with ZOOM was born.  


You can find the webinar library of past webinars in the VLOG tab here . You can view them any time and as much as you want - enjoy! 


Tighten up your skills, learn about new products or services, and create ways to stay connected with your clients.  

We hope this series helps generate fresh ideas.

Upcoming Webinar and events Schedule



  You only need to register once and then look out for the ZOOM invitation via email. 


They are LIVE, and if you can attend, it’s a great opportunity to ask questions. But, if you are not able to attend, remember that you can view them on this site.  All webinars are posted the following week in the VLOG/Webinar Library  page.  


2022 Webinar Schedule: 

March 14th at 3 pm Pacific Time – Hoba Care, the original Jojoba Company

More dates and details coming, check back soon for updates.

Starting in March, we will be moving them to Mondays at 3 pm Pacific Time